Enrolment FAQs for St Joseph's Primary School Narrabeen

Enrolments – Frequently Asked Questions

Considering enrolling at St Joseph’s Narrabeen? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from interested parents. Please let us know if you have any more, we are always happy to have a chat and we would love to talk more about your child and our school.

Does my child need to be Baptised or a practicing Catholic to go to St Joseph’s?
No, they don’t. We consider all applications, regardless of whether you practice religion or not. Our Bishop states that Catholic schools are open to ‘Welcome to all families seeking a Catholic education for their child’. Alongside you as parents, we support each child’s faith and moral development. At St Joseph’s Narrabeen, we balance children’s academic, social, physical and spiritual growth.

We aren’t Catholic – will this be an issue?
Absolutely not. However, your child will attend Church and learn about the Catholic faith as part of their education, and at St Joseph’s Narrabeen, we embrace values such as community, respect, stewardship and compassion.

How much are the school fees?
Information about our school fees can be found further down on the main enrolment page. We are currently offering COVID relief to families who require support, which has been extended into 2021. Find out more about what this entails.

Do I need to be in the catchment area?
While being local allows you to fully embrace the community around St Joseph’s Narrabeen, we are open to accepting enrolment applications outside a traditional catchment area, and don’t have a cut-off in terms of where you need to live.

Have I left it too late to enrol?
At St Joseph’s Narrabeen, we are still accepting enrolments for Kindergarten to Year 6, with limited availability in selected classes. Find out more here or contact us with specific requests.

How many Kindergarten classes will there be?
We are currently a single stream school, which means we have one class per school year. Class sizes do not typically exceed 30 students.

What happens if my child doesn’t know anyone in the class?
There are many children in the same situation, as we welcome students from a wide range of preschools and areas. Our supportive community allows children lots of opportunity to connect with others and forge new and lasting friendships.

Do you offer band?
We have the option for band as an extra-curricular activity (held on school grounds.) The band has performed for assembly and locally, including a nearby nursing home (currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions).

Do you have canteen?
We currently offer canteen on Mondays and Fridays. Our canteen is manned by parent and friend volunteers. Ordering can be done quickly and easily via a dedicated app. We have further details about our canteen here.

What is your approach to bullying?
We have an anti-bullying policy that we are passionate about upholding. St Joseph’s Narrabeen also has an approachable and supportive team of teachers who you can talk to you about any concerns.

Do you have Before and After School Care (OOSH)?
We are delighted to have an OOSH (Out of School Hours) program on site at St Joseph’s Narrabeen. Currently, there is always availability both before and after school, and children transition seamlessly between class and OOSH. Before school care begins at 7:00am and after school care finishes at 6:00pm. Bookings can be made easily via the dedicated app. We have more information about the program here.

FAQs - Enrolling at St Joseph's Narrabeen

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