7 benefits of learning at a small school - St Joseph's Narrabeen

7 benefits of learning at a small school

St Joseph’s Narrabeen proudly offers single stream classes – which means that there is one class per school year. Led by a passionate and dedicated teaching team, students are able to thrive in classroom and playground environments where they will not get lost in the crowd. We have seen first-hand how families benefit from their child being part of a broader village. Everyone is welcome to take a private tour of the school and see just how much this makes a difference.

Here’s why we believe a small school leads to a quality education: 

Every student is seen…
The teachers know our students by name – and we know that is important. Transitioning between years is a seamless process, with students already familiar with their class and teacher – and vice versa. The teachers know and understand playground dynamics and friendships, along with unique challenges a student may be facing. Your child simply will not “slip through the cracks”.

… And heard!
Less students means greater opportunities for children to share their thoughts, ideas and questions. Less assertive students also have the chance to explore and develop their unique perspectives. Students are able to develop confidence to share in a setting they are familiar with, with students they know. From trust comes growth – we want our students to leave St Joseph’s with as many tools in their kit as possible, to tackle their boldest, biggest dreams.

Better results
Smaller size brings greater opportunity. Our Year 6 students take on individual leadership roles within the school, boosting their confidence and allowing them to develop strong skills as they head towards high school.

Unique learning environments
We don’t have to fit into a ‘one size fits all’ model. At St Joseph’s Narrabeen, we believe a love of learning starts at the top. Our school Principal Virginia Outred was the former Literacy Education officer for the greater Broken Bay Diocese and has more than 35 years of teaching and leadership experience. One of the first changes she brought to St Joseph’s was a fresh take on the learning experience. Among other pedagogical initiatives, Play Based learning – allowing children to grow from social and emotional cues and explore risks in a safe environment – is at the core, along with collaboration and nurturing a child’s individuality while in a learning setting.

Students can shine
Teachers are able to closely understand a student’s strengths and challenges, allowing them to experience enrichment opportunities or supportive individual learning plans. Teachers and students can interact spontaneously not just within the classroom, but in the playground and via our bespoke lunch clubs. These include robotics, construction and STEM. Teachers are able to wholly observe students, and then wholeheartedly respond.

More opportunities for interaction
Accessibility is one of our finest assets at St Joseph’s Narrabeen. You have the chance to speak directly with your student’s teacher and to our school Principal, Virginia Outred. Virginia can often be seen in the playground, chatting with students and parents alike, understanding the dynamics of the school from the very core.

School becomes a community
Seeing familiar faces at pick up and drop off, knowing the names of children across the whole school – not just your child’s class, being greeted by the teachers and Principal and having people you can count on for reminders and a helping hand. These are normal parts of the St Joseph’s Narrabeen village, but very special reasons why we are more than a school – we are a community. Your child is at primary school for seven years – having people around to support you through that process makes it enjoyable and memorable.