Principal’s Message - St Joseph's Narrabeen

Principal’s Message

St Joseph’s Catholic School is a co-educational school for children from Kindergarten to Year 6. The children are encouraged to embody in all their relationships and their learning our school motto “Build in Love”.

We are a small, nurturing community where every child is known by name by every teacher. This gives an advantage in many ways, children will play across grades and there are many opportunities for students to have more responsibilities and leadership positions.  It is a close parent community with many social opportunities.

We strongly emphasise student pastoral care and leadership with programs such as Positive Behaviours for Learning (PBL) and Buddy Programs. Our children follow closely our school rule of being “Safe, Respectful Learners”. At St Joseph’s we balance children’s academic, social, physical and spiritual growth. We aim to recognise each child’s strengths and develop them as the basis for a lifelong love of learning. We closely monitor and track all students academic and social/emotional progress.  We teach with agility according to class and individual need, one size does not fit all. Our teachers are passionate and have high expectations in all aspects of teaching and learning at St Joseph’s. Learning and “learning to think” is taught and highly valued.

The success of St Joseph’s lies in the positive partnership that we have developed between the parents, teachers and students. Our community actively supports the school and the children in our care.

You will encounter a warm and welcoming community environment at St Joseph’s Narrabeen – we are the “village” that many families are needing in today’s age.

Virginia Outred