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Teacher Tips

How can you best help your child at home?

The St Joseph's Narrabeen team answer your commonly asked questions, to help you support your child with their learning.


When should I correct my child when they’re reading or writing? Year 2 teacher and the school’s Religious Education Co-Ordinator, Kath Fogwell, responds here.
“How can I help my child stay focused? I am struggling to get them to pay attention to their school work.” Jade Browett, leader of our Learning Support team, has some great advice.
“Just wondering – are erasers a bad thing? When your child has completed their work and you go back to correct spelling mistakes and grammar, can they use the eraser to fix it or do you (the teacher) want to see where they’re making mistakes?” Year 1’s Mrs Sekulich responds: “Self editing as a writer is a very important step in the writing process. It indicates to the teacher that the student has read back over their work, identified errors and then rectified them. It also indicates the student is taking responsibility for their writing, they own it and want to make it legible to an audience. By using an eraser the student is eradicating that step and prevents the teacher from assessing this important writing skill.”