School Sports Events - Injury Management - St Joseph's Narrabeen

School Sports Events – Injury Management

CSBB provides the following information for parents in relation to school sporting events, including further pathway events (Broken Bay, Polding, NSWCCC etc).

Risk Warning

While every reasonable effort will be made by CSBB to minimise the possibility of injury, there will remain some degree of risk inherent in participation in what is essentially a body contact sport. Plus any sports specific sentence eg “The wearing of a correctly fitted mouthguard is mandatory in all games and training sessions” etc

Infection Control

CSBB policy requires staff and students to stay home and not attend school or external school events if they are unwell.

Accident Insurance

CHUBB Insurance is a General Insurer.

For any medical services which attract a Medicare Rebate, CHUBB is prohibited from paying any benefit including the Medicare Gap.

Under section 126 of the Health Insurance Act 1973, General Insurers are prohibited from providing any cover where a Medicare benefit is payable including the Medicare Gap.
Services provided by a Doctor, Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Pathologist, or Radiologist that include any Medicare Item Number/s are not covered under the Student Care policy.

This cover is provided as a courtesy to assist parents and does not indicate CSBB as being liable for any costs.

Parents/carers agree to meet any medical expenses and/or transport costs incurred in the event of sickness or injury.

As CSBB’s student accident insurance policy only covers students enrolled in the CSBB School System, students from congregational schools will not be covered under CSBB’s policy. Parents of students who are members of our congregational schools should seek advice from their school business manager as to their school’s student accident insurance coverage.


During the registration process you will be asked to confirm that your child currently has no illness or injury that could limit their participation in this sport.  Parents are required to notify CSBB Sport staff prior to an event if their child’s health status changes following the completion of registration process.


Parents are to ensure that arrangements are in place for students to be transported to and from the venue.

It is strongly encouraged that:

– Student are driven to and from the venue by a responsible adult

– Students DO NOT drive themselves or other players to and from the venue

If parents need a solution to get their child to and from the venue, please contact the school sports contact for further advice.