Big School, Big Questions Series - St Joseph's Narrabeen

Big School, Big Questions Series

We gathered the most commonly asked questions our future Kindy students have, and put these videos together with the aim of helping them feel supported and safe, and ultimately enjoy a smooth transition to school.
This short video series is aimed at both parents and future students. The questions are answered by our Principal and our current Kindy students, in a helpful and clear language preschoolers can appreciate!

Making Friends

Meet Indi! She’s starting school at St Joseph’s next year and like all our future Joeys, she has some big questions. Our current students and Principal were happy to help answer them. This is the first in our School Onboarding series of short videos, aimed at supporting students as they start their schooling chapter. In this video, Indi gets some advice about how to make friends at school.

Using the Toilet

When it’s time to go, you don’t want to be second guessing the rules around using the toilet! Our Kindy students and Mrs Outred address one of the most common – and biggest – worries our new students have, as they answer, “What happens if I need to go to the toilet?”

Understanding Expectations

School can be overwhelming when you’re not sure what to expect. Our students and Principal offer some easy advice on what to do… when you don’t know what to do!

Missing Mum or Dad

It’s very normal for students to miss their Mum or Dad – especially during the first Term. Here’s a short video aimed at your future student, to put their mind at ease.