Pastoral Care of our students - St Joseph's Narrabeen

Pastoral Care of our students

Providing a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment for all our children is our school’s commitment. At St Joseph’s we have a range of strategies to ensure this commitment.

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

PBL is a whole school program whose aim is to actively teach, reinforce and support desired behaviour. Our school has three rules. At St Joseph’s we remember to be safe, respectful learners.

Reward System

We reward children for “doing the right thing”. Recognition is given to children at the fortnightly whole school assembly as well as in the newsletter.

Student Leadership

Students are given many opportunities to lead across the school in K-6.  See leadership statement on our Policies, Guidelines and Statement page.

Kinder Buddies

Our Stage 3 children are assigned a Kindergarten child to work with for the year. The older child acts as a mentor for the Kindergarten child for the full year.

Peer Support

Peer Support is a teacher prepared program led by the older children to help younger children in the school develop skills such as resilience, problem solving and maintaining a positive attitude. This program is run annually.

Seasons for Growth

Seasons for Growth is a support program for children in the school who have experienced loss or grief. A trained facilitator works with a small group in a safe and confidential environment.


We have a comprehensive policy and approach to dealing with issues of bullying. Central to this approach is teaching children about our school’s expectation in building and maintaining positive relationships.


St Joseph’s has access to a range of qualified counsellors who provide free counselling to students in need.

Social Emotional Learning

Children’s social and emotional skills are developing all the time, and they need chances to practice them regularly. Social and emotional skills influence children’s mental health and wellbeing throughout their whole lives. Students at St Joseph’s Catholic School take part in fortnightly SEL lessons to support development of their skills and understanding.

St Joseph’s and Catholic Schools Office Diocese of Broken Bay policies, guidelines and statements can be viewed under Our School tab: Parent Handbook, Policies and Procedures.