Candela Mission Peru - St Joseph's Narrabeen

Candela Mission Peru

Candela Mission Peru   Mrs. Mary Rajca visited St Joseph’s on Monday July 24th to speak to the students about the work of the Sisters of Mercy in the shanty town of Candela in Lima Peru.  

Through a program, the Mercy sisters of the mission teach the women to make beautiful handicrafts. 

During her talk, Mrs. Rajca was able to show the children slides of Candela, the women and the children and explained how their donations from the sale of the crafts items give the women an income so they can provide for their families.

All funds raised go back to the women who have made the goods and in some cases have helped the building of bathrooms and toilets that they would otherwise not have.

It was wonderful to see so much activity during the Monday and Tuesday lunch times, when students in Year 6 created a stall and sold many of the beautiful and very popular craft items.