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Corona Virus Information – Parent Updates & Communications

The health and safety of our staff and students are our priority at all times.¬† Please find the latest information from the Catholic School’s Office pertaining to the Corona Virus below.¬†¬†Information will be updated as new advice is made available.

If you have any concerns please contact the school on 9913 3766 or sjn@dbb.catholic.edu.au

06.04.2020 – CSO Parent Update

03.04.2020 – CSO Parent Update

03.04.2020 – St Joseph’s Parent Update

30.03.2020 – HBL email to parents

23.03.2020 – St Joseph’s Parent Update

23.03.2020 – CSO Parent Update

20.03.2020 – Letter from Bishop Randazzo

18.03.2020 – Letter from Bishop Randazzo

16.03.2020 – St Joseph’s Parent Update

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