MAI & Best Start Assessments - St Joseph's Narrabeen

MAI & Best Start Assessments

Kinder – Tues 28, Wed 29 and Thurs 30 January 2020

Yrs 1-6 – Tues 28 and Wed 29 January 2020

Login to School Interviews and use the following codes:

Kinder – u2zwr
Yrs 1-6 – j6hj6

The Mathematical Assessment Interview is conducted on every child K-6 in our diocese each year at the start of the year.

It determines the Growth Points in 4 mathematical concept areas. It is a highly innovative form of assessment that is based on extensive research in Australia to determine the conceptual steps a child takes to understanding. When analysed, the information we gain helps us as a school to plan and develop curriculum and instruction at the child’s point of need and to measure a student’s progress over time.

The diocese values this information so much that they allocate an assessment day per school for teachers to conduct the one on one, hands on interview.