Project Feathertail Glider - St Joseph's Narrabeen

Project Feathertail Glider

The Zoo Insitu team from Taronga Zoo and some representatives from Northern Beaches’ Council visited St Joseph’s to install our wildlife nesting box. As part of our inquiry-based-learning project on the Feathertail Glider this term, Stage 3 have been looking at ways to create wildlife corridors so that native animals such as the Feathertail Glider can travel safely up and down the Northern Beaches. A camera has been installed in the nesting box so that we can monitor any activity inside. Additionally, we planted native plants donated by Northern Beaches’ Council in our garden beds and we look forward to teaching all our students about how to look after these by walking around the gardens instead of through them. Here are some thoughts from Year 6 about Project Feathertail Glider…

The nesting box is very important for our research so that we can see if we have any Feathertail gliders in our area and how we can help them to survive. Boden Yr 6

I enjoyed learning how to plant native plants. I’ve never planted a tree before and it was great to do it with my school. I hope I can plant some native trees at home now. Nathan Yr 6

I am really enjoying working on Project Feathertail because we get to work with people from other schools in our area. Lilly Yr 6