Student Takeover: Our School Sign - St Joseph's Narrabeen

Student Takeover: Our School Sign

The students took charge of the school sign in Term 4 of 2020, with some fun, touching and insightful results!

Each week, a different class took on the challenge. The students were asked to submit what they thought should go on the sign, with one Joey selected to have their message displayed and their image included in that week’s newsletter and Facebook post. The competition was fierce – and produced some fantastic results.

Here’s a collection of them all.

With the 2021 Kindergarten class visiting for transition days, Kindy thought long and hard about what kind of advice they could offer. Kye’s quote was the one selected, and something we can all take on board: “Making mistakes is a part of learning.”

It was always amazing to see the student submissions for the school sign. They consistently showed that our Joeys fully embraced and understood the message that Year 1’s Jaxon and Elliott shared: ‘Do your best – with a big happy grin!’

Poppy, Nellie and Kaiya’s message was selected for the sign: “You can be a superstar, every day”

Lerryn and Chloe from Year 3 opted to make us laugh with their sign takeover – nice work girls!

We can officially confirm we did not had a more chuffed student chosen to have their message displayed on the school sign. Kyah, Year 4, your enthusiasm is as inspiring as your message!

Nice work, Immy and Ruby from Year 5 – who scored the school sign takeover this week!

There was definitely some dust in our eyes…