World Harmony Day - St Joseph's Narrabeen

World Harmony Day

Each week at St Joseph’s I have experienced many moments which tell me so much about the character of this school and the values shared by the community.


At Tuesday morning assembly I listened to the wisdom of a kindergarten child who explained to the school community that one way we can celebrate World Harmony Day is to include others in our games and activities. At lunch time I saw this put into practice in the welcoming way two new students were joyfully included in their classmates games. Later a grandparent dropped off to the office a beautiful appliqué banner she had sewn celebrating the new Kindergarten class and featuring symbols of a cross and a heart and the school motto ‘Build in Love’. The design plan for the Kindy artwork contains some other words: “We are ready”, “Learn and grow”, “Engaging minds and hearts”, “Faith Knowledge, Discipline, Morals and Love”.   Once again this art work demonstrates clearly that St Joseph’s is a community which shares a clear sense of what it values. It is a Catholic school which proudly proclaims and draws inspiration from its Good Samaritan heritage. ‘Community’, ‘Respect’, ‘Compassion’ and ‘Stewardship’ are described as the school’s “core values” through which it seeks to develop partnerships between, children, parents, staff, parish and community. These values are what underpin the behaviours and symbols we promote at this school and I thank Mia’s Grandmother for her beautiful needle work. The work is yet to be completed with the addition of all the Kindergarten children’s names but here is a picture of the work in progress.

Peter Rafferty
Acting Principal

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