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How to answer your child’s questions about God

“Does God like being God?”
“Who made God?”
“Why did God invent mosquitoes?”

Kath Fogwell, our Religious Education Co-Ordinator has some solid advice on how to answer these sorts of interesting – and occasionally challenging! – questions.

“Our children are full of wonder – they are also full of questions!

If your child asks you a question about God, try to take the time to think about your answer. Sit with your child and talk with them. And if you don’t know the answer, tell them! We are all on our own journey of faith. You can try to investigate the answer together or let your child know that you will think about it and get back to them.

There are some wonderful resources that may help if you are stuck.

    1. You can sign up to be on the email list for our Parish Bulletin. This includes reflections on the Gospel, special times in the Churches’ calendar and information on other relevant initiatives.
    2. The Walking the Way website is a school-based initiative in the Catholic Diocese Broken Bay, designed to encourage and inspire parents in their task of accompanying their children on their journey with God. You can order a ‘Walking the Way’ book for free which offers ideas and stories. Or you can view it online.
    3. There are various books that may help. One book that has recently come to my attention is ‘Does God Like Being God? And Other Tricky Questions about God’ by Avalon local John Honner. The book is a mix of scholarly wisdom and family stories and it is written to help parents respond to their children’s questions in an informed way. It includes real questions asked by real children.

You can also feel free to talk to your teacher about how you can support your child’s religious learning too.”

St Joseph’s Narrabeen Religious Education Co-Ordinator Kath Fogwell offers advice about how to answer your child’s questions about God