Three Way Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews - St Joseph's Narrabeen

Three Way Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews

Parent teacher interviews are on the way.

WHAT DO I NEED TO PREPARE? : Many parents feel nervous about what to expect, or worried they will be caught off guard or not know what to ask. The aim of the interview is to allow you some time to ask questions specific to your child’s learning and development.

WHAT’S THE BENEFIT? : Often, your child’s teacher has a different perspective of them than you might, so it’s a great opportunity to find out how they are in a social situation, group and classroom environment.

WHAT SHOULD I ASK? : Pictured below are just a few questions you could ask your Joey’s teacher – please feel free to be open and honest with them.

A COLLABORATIVE APPROACH: We also offer a three way interview at Joeys from Year 2 upwards – which means the teacher, student and parent are involved. This has been proven to enhance a student’s learning. They are run slightly differently – with the student actively reflecting on their goals and progress, and parents and teachers openly discussing feedback, encouragement and structuring targets collaboratively. Talk to your teacher if this is an option you’d prefer.

TELL ME MORE ABOUT A THREE WAY INTERVIEW: A three-way interview actively involves parents, students and teachers in reflecting on student progress and setting future goals/targets. A three-way interview acknowledges the most important participants in the learning process – student, teacher and parent.

HOW ARE THREE WAY INTERVIEWS DIFFERENT FROM PARENT TEACHER INTERVIEWS?:  Three-way interviews involve the student in the discussion about their growth/progress as a learner. The student can provide information to clarify what they have learnt,  the next steps in their learning and what progress they are making towards this.

WHY CONSIDER THREE WAY INTERVIEWS?: They provide a student voice to discussions about performance and progress. When students are engaged with their own learning and learning progress they are encouraged to articulate this. They place the student at the heart of the assessment and reporting process. They strengthen the home-school partnership and allow children to see their parents and teacher working together for them.

HOW EXACTLY DO THREE WAY INTERVIEWS WORK?: The teacher facilitates the interview and guides the student/parent through the process. Throughout the interviews parents and the teacher are encouraged to ask questions, provide feedback and encouragement to the student and to share their thoughts and ideas on what is being presented and on what goals or targets they think are appropriate. In short, three-way interviews provide a forum for teachers, students and parents to acknowledge student progress and achievement. They are a valuable avenue for involving parents and students in the learning process and helping parents understand the teaching, learning, assessment and reporting process. The three-way interview has benefits for teachers, parents and the school.

WHAT DOES THE RESEARCH SAY? Professor John Hattie identifies “students self-reporting as the most significant indicator linked to raised student achievement”. Dylan William says, “the process of students reflecting on their learning through effective questioning that promotes the articulation of student thinking, is integral to classroom and assessment practices that enhance student learning.”