Leadership Camp 2019 - St Joseph's Narrabeen

Leadership Camp 2019

Year 5&6 children attended the annual leadership camp at the Collaroy Centre. The children were highly engaged with the activities despite the extremely hot day on the Tuesday. The camp administrator called us to comment on how well behaved our students were with the camp guides – a credit to you parents! I joined them for the afternoon on Tuesday, for the dinner and a great walk to Long Reef in the evening. Thank you to Mrs Paul, Miss Preston, Mrs Fogwell and Mrs Browett for their wonderful care of the children over the two days.

Some recounts from the students:

Hike To Long Reef Headland
When we were on our hike to Long Reef Headland, we saw a sunset as pretty as a blooming flower. For the walk up I spent most of my time admiring the unique wildlife that surrounded me. The beach was immaculate. The water was crystal clear. The beautiful sun shone on the water as it went down. It looked like a rainbow with pink, yellow and blue illuminating the night sky. The moon was absolutely gorgeous and it glistened in the night sky like it was leading the way home.     By Gabbi

The Giant Swing
I was up next and I was feeling sick, shaky and scared. I was getting attached to the ropes, sitting on the tall ladder, about to be pulled up. OMG!!! “You can do it” yelled all of my friends. I was finally at the very top about to pull the red rope = DROPPING ZONE!!! “3, 2, 1, AHHH”. As I was dropping down my stomach was in my throat and every one could hear a powerful scream louder than ever. I was so relieved when the swing started to slow down but at the same time I was so proud of myself that I had faced my fears. And believe or not, I went on the Giant Swing again!  By Maddie, Chloe and Gus

Challenge Course
Whoosh!!! I swang over the shark infested waters trying to get to the safety of my life raft. Phew! I landed but now the rest of my tribe had to make it. We were at the Collaroy Centre and we had just given the biggest challenge of our lives! We were in the Challenge Course which was testing our leadership and teamwork skills. Luckily, there weren’t any sharks, we were just imagining them. There wasn’t a life raft either, just a mat on the ground. We were told to get from one mat to the other without hitting the ground (shark infested waters). We also had to bring a bucket of water with us without it tipping. When we all made it across we felt like had accomplished something great because we had used all our skills to get across.  By Anthony, Jacob and Jai

Laser Tag
As we sat down on the log, waiting for the instructors to tell my group and I how to play. After the instructors told us how to play, we found out our teams. Yes I’m on the red team! Once we found out our teams my group and I went to check out the bases. When red team found out that Miss Preston was on red team we were so excited! We got our laser guns and tested them out, it got even more exciting minute by minute. We all got in our positions then the laser guns said “Game started.” I sped around the barrels and ducked so I didn’t get shot. “Deactivated, head back to base” said the laser gun. I headed back to base being the only person there. I couldn’t wait to play again.  By Bridey

Flying Fox
I nervously took my helmet and popped on to my head and clipped the strap. It was my go next! I could hear my heart pumping blood quicker by the minute. It was my go! I could barely move my feet to get to the rope from the other person. “That was so fun!” they screamed. I slowly walked up the hill to where the instructor was waiting. She had clipped me in and she was doing Jocelyn now. She took the barrier away. My heart was pounding. “Three, two, one GO!”. We screamed as we glided through the air hearing the birds humming a lovely tune. Oh no I thought as I started to twist and turn and all of a sudden I was BACKWARDS! My tummy did a flip then my thoughts were interrupted by a loud CLANK! I had done it. I had zoomed down the zip line! “I want to do that again!” I screamed. The person after me had pulled me to the ladder and I was unclipped. I went straight to the back of the que with Jocelyn. We both wanted to do it again.  By Emma