School Musical Ticket Information - St Joseph's Narrabeen

School Musical Ticket Information

Marvellous Magical Musicals – 7pm on Thursday 24 November 2022
Sacred Heart School Hall, Mona Vale

Musical theatre has a secret power that transports you right to the heart of a story. The costumes, songs, music, choreography and bright lights grab your attention immediately, and they will keep you on the edge of your seat until the show is over. Join us on a magical musical ride to another dimension as we present…. St Joseph’s Musical 2022: Marvellous Magical Musicals!

How do I buy tickets (they go on sale next Monday)

  • Tickets can be purchased on Try Booking –
  • Ticket sales commence at 8am on Monday 14 November and close at midday on musical day.
  • Tickets are $20 each.
  • Seats are numbered and you can choose your own seats on Try Booking.
  • You do not need a ticket for your St Joseph’s student (they are the stars of the musical and sit with their class at the front).
  • Your St Joseph’s child will stay with their class until the musical has finished.

Ticket Limits

  • For the first four days, the limit PER FAMILY will be 2 tickets.  This will give all families a chance to buy. We appreciate you and your family will be very excited to watch the musical, but we want to ensure fairness across the board from the outset. Once we have exhausted this allocation, there will be an opportunity to purchase more tickets (until sold out).
  • Honesty system – we are relying on everyone’s honesty, please only purchase what you need and make one transaction per family (or two single transactions for split families) in the first four days of ticket sales.
  • On Friday 18 November, limits will be lifted and you are welcome to purchase extra additional seats (if available). This will be capped again at two tickets per family.
  • Toddlers can sit on a parent’s lap (under school age child only).
  • No prams in the hall, teeny tiny babies will need to be in slings/carried.  There will be a parking area for prams downstairs.
  • Limits are based on the number of families we have and the number of seats available.
    • FAQ 1 – I have twins, does that mean I can get 4 tickets?  No, you are still counted as one family, 2 ticket limit applies.
    • FAQ 2 – We are a split family, can each parent get 2 tickets?  No, your child/ren is counted as one family, 2 ticket limit applies.  Split families do NOT need to sit next to each other.
    • FAQ 3 – I’m away overseas when tickets go on sale, how can I buy?  Trybooking can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
    • FAQ 4 – Grandparents really want to come, how can I get extra tickets?  Limits will be lifted on Friday 18 November and additional seats can be purchased (if available).
    • A digital film copy of the musical will be available for purchase shortly after the night.

Show Details

  • Children should arrive at 6.15pm time
  • Show starts at 7pm sharp
  • There is no intermission
  • No food or drink in the hall
  • Toilets are located downstairs
  • There is a lift upstairs to the hall for anyone who has mobility issues

How Marvellous!

Musical Hair & Makeup - for reference Musical Costume Requirements - for reference
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