The Joey's Colour Fun Run - St Joseph's Narrabeen

The Joey’s Colour Fun Run


What’s it about?: This much-anticipated event will be held on Friday 2 December.
How will my child get there?: Students and teachers will walk together to and from the location.
What do they wear? A white tee, shorts and sneakers and hat. Please apply sunscreen at home. Please be aware these will end up covered in colour. We strongly encourage you to wear clothes that you don’t mind ending up potentially stained (the video below should give you a clear idea of what to expect!) KMart sell very inexpensive white tees.
What do they bring?: They should bring fruit break, recess and water bottles as usual. They will have the option to enjoy a sausage sizzle lunch, which you need to pre-purchase on QKR! You can do that right now – orders close next Thursday morning.
What do they need to do? This is a school fundraising event and your child will today bring home a sponsorship form. (Need an extra form? You can download one below!) We are collectively raising money to purchase more learning resources for the school. They can ask friends and family for any sponsorship dollars and there are prizes to be won for students who raise the most. The money needs to be submitted via QKR – one final total per student. (No cash will be accepted.)
There are prizes for the top five fundraisers in each class, as well as the top fundraising class. All money in by 28 October please, so prizes can be awarded. Thank you for supporting our school!
Where do I get more info? Please contact the office if you have any concerns.

Colour Run Fundraising Form
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